• battery-backup-bg

    New Battery Backup Systems

    SPBS Series offers new design features
    to provide peace of mind to homeowners.
  • 75yearsbanner

    2016 Marks the 75th anniversary
    for Little Giant Pumps.
  • 6EC10EC-bg

    New 6EC & 10EC Series
    Sump/Effluent Pumps

    Provide lower current draw, higher energy efficiency,
    and improved performance.
  • Inline 400

    New Inline 400

    This Pressure Boosting System is a compact & economical
    way to meet all of your pressure boosting needs.
    Inline 400

Reliable Pumping Solutions

Franklin Electric's Little Giant products can now be found at littlegiant.com. The Little Giant brand specializes in the water transfer market with products including wastewater, sump, sewage, effluent, dewatering, condensate, magnetic drive, and utility pumps; as well as low pressure sewer systems, and water garden pumps and products.

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