Thermoplastic and Stainless Steel


  • For both new installs and replacement applications where water must be transferred under pressure from wells, cisterns, ponds, lakes, and streams
Order Info
    • 1/2 hp to 1 hp single-phase motors
    • Removable suction screen prevents debris from clogging impellers and provides full-flow performance
    • Hex rubber bearing has multi-flow channels to keep small particles away from bearing surface
    • Built-in Flomatic™ check valve assembly provides positive seal, preventing system drain-back
    • Stainless steel bearing sleeve
    • Acetal disk facilitates close tolerances for increased performance
    • Stainless steel up-thrust washer prevents excessive wear in severe applications
    • Two-year limited warranty
  • Thermoplastic Discharge

    Item #ModelHPStagesVoltsWireShut Off (ft)Weight (lbs)Quick Disconnect
    Control Box (QD)
    Capacitor Run
    Control Box (CRC)
    558551W5G05S13-21P1/2131152364 (110.9 m)26
    558537W5G05S13-22P1/2132302364 (110.9 m)26
    558554W5G05S13-32P1/2132303364 (110.9 m)25558814558815
    558552W5G07S18-22P3/4182302528 (160.9 m)29
    558555W5G07S18-32P3/4182303528 (160.9 m)30558823558824
    558553W5G10S21-22P1212302614 (187.1 m)33
    558556W5G10S21-32P1212303614 (187.1 m)34558833558834

    Stainless Steel Discharge

    Item #ModelHPStagesVoltsWireShut Off (ft)Weight (lbs)Quick Disconnect
    Control Box (QD)
    Capacitor Run
    Control Box (CRC)
    558575W5G05S13-21S1/2131152364 (110.9 m)26
    558599W5G0S13-22S1/2132302364 (110.9 m)26
    558578W5G05S13-32S1/2132303364 (110.9 m)25558814558815
    558576W5G07S18-22S3/4182302528 (160.9 m)29
    558579W5G07S18-32S3/4182303528 (160.9 m)30558823558824
    558577W5G10S21-22S1212302614 (187.1 m)33
    558580W5G10S21-32S1212303614 (187.1 m)34558833558834