New SPBS Series Battery Backup Systems

Little Giant® has launched the new SPBS Series Battery Backup Systems, which Little Giant SPBS Series 12HF 10includes four new systems: the SPBS-10HF-6, SPBS-12HF-10, SPBS-10HF, and SPBS-12HF. The first two options feature the full system including a primary sump pump, backup sump pump, controller, charger and alarm, while the other two options provide everything except the primary sump pump. The full systems utilize the proven Little Giant 6EC or 10EC sump pumps that deliver capacities from 53-67 gpm.

New Design Features:

  • New RS-12 Switch – Reliable and proven switch technology for backup pump
  • New Controller/Charger/Alarm – Smart computer-controlled charging system in 10 amp or 12 amp version
    • Microprocessor-controlled charging unit maintains a maximum battery charge
    • Built-in overcharge protection to prevent damage to the battery
    • Battery continually monitored to maintain full charge
    • Test button to manually run backup pump to ensure proper operation
    • Protects against reverse polarity, short circuits, and input overloads
    • Audible alarm during 12 VDC pump operation
    • Indicator lights (LED) for:
      • Power On
      • Pump Run
      • Battery Charge Level
      • Charging
      • High Water
      • Replace Fuse

A Few Additional Key Notes:

  • SPBS-10HF-6 and SPBS-12HF-10 come pre-assembled
  • All four units come with a 2-year warranty

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