New EC-1-DV and EC-1K-DV Condensate Removal Pump

Little Giant EC 1 DVThe new Little Giant EC-1-DV Series Mini Condensate Removal Pump provides multi-voltage operation from one unit. Generally referred to as dual voltage, this model is designed to operate on any common North American residential and commercial voltages of 115V, 208V and 230V single phase. The EC-1-DV and EC-1K-DV accomplish this multi-voltage operation by sensing the supply voltage and providing only the right amount of power to drive the pump to produce precise and consistent pumping performance. In addition to this new feature, it includes all the innovative features of the existing EC-1 Series.

EC-1 key features and benefits include:

  • Vibration Dampening Design – An elastomeric cushion supports the motor, which isolates inherent motor vibrations and reduces noise transmission. Combined with external isolation mounts, this further reduces noise transmission to surrounding surfaces.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Mounting brackets allow the motor/controller and reservoir to be quickly positioned during initial install and later during servicing.
  • Advanced Float Design – Precision magnets activate Hall Effect sensors within the float to provide pinpoint accuracy for automatic on/off pump operation and overflow detection.
  • Immediate Visual Inspection – A clear reservoir tank provides immediate inspection of the water level, float and filter for quick and accurate servicing.

This powerful combination of features provides the most advanced mini condensate removal pump for ductless mini-split air conditioners available today.

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