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Avoid Damage Caused by Winter's Bounty

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While most people associate basement flooding with heavy rains, flooding can actually occur year-round. Leaks or burst pipes are common during the winter months, thanks to an accumulation of moisture. When you're checking your weatherproofing to-do list this winter, be sure to check it twice for these helpful tips to avoid unexpected winter flooding.

Mind the Gap

A build-up of snow and ice around your home's perimeter is a common cause of winter flooding. As the precipitation begins to melt, the frozen ground cannot absorb the excess moisture causing it to reroute through small cracks in your foundation. To prevent damage caused by leaks in a weakened foundation, clear snow away from the perimeter of your home and inspect your foundation for cracks that may also occur with the temperature fluctuations.

Winterize Plumbing  

While you begin bundling up for the winter, consider the items in your home that may also need a layer of protection, such as exposed pipes in the basement and under sinks. Cool winter air causes freezing, which may cause pipes to crack or burst. Broken pipes lead to high cleanup costs, so take the time to enclose your pipes in sleeves or newspapers to provide them with a defense against the cold. 

Check the Sump Pump

It's easy to overlook this major home protector.  Yet, your sump pump is a major line of defense against water accumulation and flooding throughout the year. Take care to ensure that your sump pump is in proper working order, not just at the beginning of the winter season but also periodically throughout the year. A functional sump pump is necessary to eliminate excess water built up around your foundation.

Complete the following steps when checking your sump pump:

  • Ensure your sump basin is clear of debris that may interfere with proper switch operation and water flow into the pump. 
  • Check discharge piping for cracks and note that all connections are tight and in good shape. 
  • Cycle your system by pouring a few buckets of water into the basin and observing that the pump and check valve are both functioning as intended with no leaks.
  • Confirm that high water alarms and other sump systems are functioning correctly and maintained per the owner's manual recommendations.

Consider a Sump Pump Upgrade

Some areas are more susceptible to flooding. Evaluate the risk in your area by considering the following:

  • Is your sump pump typically active during heavy rainfall?
  • Does your home experience power outages throughout the year?
  • Do you store valuable items in your basement?

If you've answered yes to any or all the questions above, having a battery backup system acts as a secondary sump pump for flood protection and emergency dewatering. These systems provide added peace of mind to avoid costly repairs during inclement weather and power loss.

Eliminate Barriers

A build-up of snow or debris on your roof and in gutters presents another risk during the winter months. If water cannot correctly drain down and away from your foundation, it may get into your basement. Ensure that your gutters are cleaned adequately following the fall season; remove heavy snow build-up from your roof if necessary.

Be Prepared

When all else fails and disaster strikes, be prepared for all seasons by having the right tools on hand. Utility pumps transfer water from one location to another, including dewatering your basement. Utility pumps are handy in various other applications, such as removing water from a kiddie pool, draining a ditch, or emptying a plugged sink or drain.

Stock up on what you need to prevent damage this winter. Whether you've just recovered from a flood or are at risk of flooding, these products from Little Giant will help you keep your basement dry and give you peace of mind this Holiday season:     

 6 Cim Gallery       Spbs 10Hf Spbs 12Hf Gallery          5-MSP, 5-A 

Little Giant Brand Celebrates 80th Anniversary with Look Back at its Commitment to Innovation


Little Giant is celebrating a milestone 80th anniversary in 2021, and the company is marking the occasion with a series of initiatives planned throughout the year.

“For 80 years, Little Giant has stood the test of time, pumping a steady flow of proven reliability and superior technical know-how both through the products we offer as well as the staff and support team behind the scenes. We’re excited to commemorate this anniversary with initiatives that bring our partners together,” said Steve Frappier, Business Unit Manager for Little Giant.

One such initiative is a revitalized brand look that the company notes reflects the 80 years of experience in innovation, manufacturing expertise, and technical support that Little Giant provides. “Little Giant has pumped a lot of water in the past 80 years, and there is much more to look forward to in the next 80 and beyond,” said Frappier.

The core product that Little Giant still offers today was originally conceived in 1926, when plumber R.M. “Doc” Wolfe had an issue with the currently available pumps failing at a frustrating rate. At the time, air conditioning units were just beginning to become popular, and each unit had a pump to get water up into a screen for evaporative cooling. Every time Wolfe fixed one of these pumps, it would break again. He enlisted the help of inventor Harry Goodman to create his solution: the world’s first evaporative pump. In 1941, the Little Giant Vaporizer was born – and so was the Little Giant brand. The innovative, patented pump became the cornerstone of Little Giant – and laid the foundation for a company dedicated to solving the pumping problems plumbers and HVAC professionals faced. 

Decades of additional milestones followed:

  • In 1950, Goodman filed a patent for what was to become the iconic Little Giant submersible water pump. This upgraded Little Giant Vaporizer Pump could be used anywhere water recirculation was an issue: both underwater and on dry land.
  • Later in the 1950s, the company developed the C2 and C3 pumps, signaling their entrance into the condensate pump business.
  • In the early 1960s, Little Giant entered the high-flow drainage pump market with the introduction of sump pumps. The 1/3 HP 8 Series sump pump was the first to launch, appearing in the 1964 Little Giant catalog. A year later in 1965, Little Giant added the smaller 1/3 HP 6 Series sump pump and a larger 1/2 HP 10 Series. While the market has evolved over the years, the iconic 6 Series continues to be a top- performing sump pump throughout the industry.
  • Innovation continued throughout the 80s and 90s as the company released more options for sump, sewage, effluent, aquarium pumps, sewage basins, pool cover pumps and decorative outdoor living products for the landscaping industry.
  • The creation of the VCMA series in 1999 led to an entire next generation of Little Giant condensate pumps that are still being used today, including additional standard condensate removal pumps, low profile condensate removal pumps, in-pan condensate removal pumps, plenum and high-temperature pumps, mini-split pumps, and specialty pumps like evaporative cooler pumps and ice machine replacement pumps.
  • Grinder pumps hit the market in 2000, creating even more Little Giant solutions for wastewater and HVAC professionals.

“It all started with a problem noticed by a plumber, and today Little Giant is solving the problems of contractors, distributors, and homeowners around the world,” said Frappier. Keep checking back to learn more about the Little Giant brand and other ways the company is celebrating the 80th anniversary.

Introducing the New 12E Series 1/2 HP Effluent Pump from Little Giant

The 12E Series is Little Giant’s new line of ½ HP effluent pumps that are continuous duty rated for use in dewatering, water transfer, and septic wastewater removal.  

The 12E Series is ideal for high-head performance in vault applications while maintaining high flow and clog resistance using a rugged non-clog (semi-open) impeller. 

 12E Series Social GIF

Features and Benefits

  • Little Giant Tough: Heavy-duty, epoxy coated cast iron housing and non-clog (semi-open) impeller.
  • Built to Run: Energy efficient PSC motor with thermal overload protection.
  • Designed for Flow: Unique cloverleaf intake design allows for higher flow with ¾-inch diameter solids handling.
  • Automatic Option: The 12E Series is the solution to meet your needs; offered both as an automatic switch (12E-CIA-RF), and as a manual pump (12E-CIM). Plus, both options come with a three-year warranty. 

Ordering Information 12E Order Information Table

 These products are now available to order. For more information, see our website. *Pricing is subject to change without notice.

If you have questions about this series, please contact your local Little Giant brand Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1.800.701.7894. 


Introducing the Little Giant All-In-One Sump Pump System

Little Giant brings all the benefits of our time-tested 6- and 8-Series Sump Pumps paired with basin and cover, a diaphragm switch, and a clear view check valve to provide a convenient package system: the SPK Series® .

The SPK Series streamlines the ordering of essential accessories to ensure ease of installation and maintenance. The total system is ideally suited for basement sumps and flood control applications. 

SPK Series

 Features and Benefits:

  • Streamline Ordering: Prepackaged system has everything you need for an installation in one SKU / assembly required.
  • Long Pump Life: Pumps include extension feet to keep the pump off the bottom of the basin. This feature helps prevent ingestion of debris for long pump life / no additional stands needed. 
  • Trouble-Free Service: 18"x22" polypropylene basin with 4" Adapt-A-Flex grommet included will yield many years of trouble-free service. 
  • Easy Inspections: Clear view check valve included for easy inspection and diagnostics along with the required NPT threaded 1-1/2" discharge pipe.
  • Secure Installation: Bolt on polypropylene cover included for a simple and secure installation.
  • Peace of Mind: Tank alert alarm system included / SPK-8CIA-1A only.

These products are now available to order. For more information, see our website

 Spk Price Order Table

*Pricing subject to change without notice

If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact your local Little Giant Sales Representative or Technical Support at 800-701-7894.

Make a Big Impact on Your Next Job with Little Giant

Little Giant Big Impact Email GIF

Versatility to Help You Get the Job DONE

LG 5 MSP Angled LeftMeet the industry’s go-to utility pump for use in virtually any situation: The Little Giant 5-MSP, part of the iconic 5-Series. Designed for continuous duty, this powerhouse pump features an oil-filled motor and epoxy coated cast aluminum housing capable of pumping down to 1/8-inch. It’s also low-weight for easy setup and positioning, and includes a standard garden hose adapter and multiple cord lengths. Use the 5-MSP for hydroponics, statuary fountains, water displays, air conditioners – or any commercial, industrial, and home applications where water must be transferred or recirculated. For a wide variety of applications, Little Giant’s legendary 5-MSP has you covered!

5-MSP Features:

  • 1/6 horsepower shaded pole motor
  • 1-inch FNPT discharge
  • Removable inlet screen for easy cleaning

Wastewater Challenges Are No Match for Little Giant

LG 6EC 10EC Product GroupingThe Little Giant 6 Series and 10EC Series Sump and Effluent Pumps are built to handle the toughest wastewater demands. At only six inches tall and utilizing an internal diaphragm switch, the efficient 6-CIA is ideal for shallow basin applications. The rugged 10EC-CIA-SFS with snap-action float switch features an energy-saving low amp draw and a 140°F liquid temperature rating. Both products are designed for continuous duty, feature a 1-1/2-inch FNPT discharge, and handle solids up to ½-inch (12.7 mm) in diameter. These sump and effluent pumps easily handle residential and light commercial use applications, providing both reliability and efficient service.

6-CIA Features:

  • 1/3 horsepower shaded pole motor, thermal overload protection
  • Performance of 46 gpm at 5 feet of head

10EC-CIA-SFS Features:

  • 1/2 horsepower permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor, thermal overload protection
  • Performance of 67 gpm at 5 feet of head

Don't Sweat It. Little Giant's New High-Temperature Condensate Pumps Are Designed To Handle Temperatures Up To 212°F (100°C)

553130101 HT VCL 30 P Angled Left HeroMeet our new High-Temperature Condensate Pump, the HT-VCL Series, designed for plenum applications with the capability to handle the most difficult commercial applications. When quality and reliability are a must, turn to Little Giant. As a global leader in HVAC Tank Condensate Pumps, you can be confident that you've chosen the best.

These pumps are available in 1/8 and 1/3 hp models with flows up to 575 gph at 5 feet with a maximum of 62 feet of head, and are the highest performing pump in our arsenal, which exceeds our known competitors. 14-foot lead wires are provided for connection to a power supply, with separate leads for the overflow detection switch. HT-VCL Series is constructed with plastics that have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the requirements of UL Standard 2043. Our pump is designed to do it all and backed by our competitive manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. 

  • Less Power Required: Less draw on power at no sacrifice to performance versus competitive pumps

  • Easy Installation: Uniquely constructed with an external pump switch test lever to ensure the pump is functioning without the requirement of filling the tank

  • Quality You Can Be Confident In: We stand behind our products and have included an extended two-year warranty that is rarely needed

  • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals 

Little Giant Website Updates

Effective October 31, 2019, the Little Giant® Outdoor Living website ( will be re-directed to You will now be able to find all Little Giant products, including Wastewater, HVAC, Industrial, Outdoor Living, and Water Systems in one location. These brands will now operate as one entity, allowing for increased brand awareness and consistency between market segments. 

LG Products1

Please note: with this change, Outdoor Living products will no longer be available for purchase from Little Giant's website. If you have questions on where to purchase products, please contact your local Little Giant brand Sales Representative.

View Little Giant's Outdoor Living Products.

Franklin Electric Acquires First Sales, LLC

Franklin Electric Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: FELE) has completed the acquisition of First Sales, LLC, an Indiana manufacturer of water treatment and filtration equipment for the residential and commercial markets. First Sales designs, manufactures and distributes its products under the Sterling Water Treatment and Avid Water Systems brand names, primarily for customers in the United States.

Sterling AVID Logos

Don Kenney, President of Franklin’s North America Water Systems business unit, commented:
“First Sales has developed industry leading products forthe professional installer of in-home and commercial water treatment systems. These products are sold through some of the same channels as Franklin’s existing products, and we look forward to continuing to serve First Sales’ customers with best in class quality, service, availability, innovation and cost.”

For more informaton about First Sales, click here.

Extended Technical Support Hours Effective Immediately

We are committed to offering availability to both our products and services when and where customers need them. Effective immediately, the Technical Support and Customer Support hours will be extended through September 30, 2019, or beyond, depending on demand. 

Technical Support Technical Support

  • 800.348.2420 or 800.701.7894
  • 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET

Customer Support

  • 844.250.4982
  • 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET

Contact Us

New VP Of Sales – Ryan Johnson

We proudly introduce Ryan Johnson as the new Vice President, Sales-US/Canada for the North America Water Systems Business Unit. Ryan will manage all aspects of sales activities for the US and Canada Markets, including the Little Giant® brand.Franklin Electric Ryan Johnson

With over 20 years of experience with Regal Beloit and General Electric, Ryan possess a diverse background with expertise in Six Sigma, Operations, and in every aspect of the sales process, from direct field sales to sales management leadership.

“Ryan brings a proven track record of building strategies and sales teams focused on providing its customers with clear, differentiating value,” states Don Kenney, President, North America Water Systems and Vice President of Franklin Electric. “He is an operationally driven customer advocate that brings a fresh perspective being previously outside of the company. He has Midwest values, and understands the importance of building and managing fair and mutually beneficial partnerships. I have no doubt that Ryan brings the innovative outlook needed to support our progressing efforts as an organization.”