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Hurricane Harvey Success Story: Little Giant 5-MSP Saves House

IMG 2225In preparation for one of the most terrifying storms to ever hit the area, a homeowner recently turned to the Little Giant® 5-MSP Sump Pump to dewater his lawn. The result: His house was saved. Here’s the story he shared with us.

“Recently, I purchased a house and found a Little Giant 5-MSP sump pump in our garage. I didn't think much about the product until Hurricane Harvey struck our house. Our backyard was taking on water faster than the existing drainage could handle. So, very late in the night, my wife and I set up the sump pump in the large puddle/low spot of our yard and within minutes all the water was displaced to the front yard through our garden hose.

To go into more detail, I had recently been planning to install a dry well and implement a sump pump with some drainage lines to remove collected water, but I was only able to afford (financially and time-wise) to install the dry well. When Harvey was first approaching, it was a Category 1, however it very quickly turned into a Category 4 before the rain reached our neighborhood. My dry well filled up quickly and the existing drainage line, that the previous owner had installed, was overwhelmed and the water had nowhere to go because its exit point was completely flooded. We tried pushing and directing water out to our driveway which slopes toward the street, but the rain was coming down faster and in a greater quantity than our current methods could handle. I rushed into the garage to get an idea of what to do and there sat a box that I had never paid attention to that read “sump pump”. At this point, I was praying that it wasn’t too old (previous owner passed in 2011) and that it would fit our garden hose. To my relief, it turned on and the hose fit perfectly. We sat it in the deepest point of water and the pump started removing the water faster than I thought it would. The water was about to reach our house, but not 10 minutesLittle Giant 5 MSP Angled Right later all the water had been diverted out to the street via the pump and garden hose. We ran this pump for hours on end for multiple days and it never once had any complications. We thought the rain was coming down faster than the pump could remove it, but after pumping for about 2-3 hours in the low spot and being heavily rained on, the water receded and was diverted out of the low spot.

I truly mean that our house would have flooded from the backyard if it weren’t for this sump pump that we found in the garage. I didn’t want this product to go unnoticed or unrecognized. I was certain that we were going to fry it at some point or it would overheat but it never did. It kept going even through the heaviest rains that Houston has ever had. I am amazed and extremely grateful for such a fantastic product. The Little Giant sump pump truly saved our house from taking on water. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such high-quality pumps.”

--- Logan Knowles, Houston Homeowner

Now Available: New Inline Controls

Franklin Electric is excited to announce the launch of the much-anticipated Inline Controls! The new Inline Controls include five pump starting and control devices that pair with a variety of submersible or surface pumps to provide or boost the system’s overall water pressure – and in many cases, without the need of an additional bladder tank. Depending on application requirements and the selected model, this product family offers various forms of system protection. They also offer two unique features that ensure the system remains functional and hassle free, including: a daily motor rotation start designed to energize the motor at least once every 24 hours (to prevent system locking), and a unique automatic restart feature eliminating the need to manually restart the pump in the case of an unexpected trip or fault.

Features by Model

Features By Model ChartNote: Proper pump selection is essential for use with the InlineFLW, SWC, SWP, and ADJ as pump shut-off pressure will be realized within the system prior to shut down. If the pump size can not be reduced, select the InlineCTL with built-in pressure reducing valve.

Ideal applications for the Inline Controls family include: well systems as a replacement to a standard 30/50 switch and tank combination, garden or watering applications that are long distances from a well, municipal boosting applications, and other water pressure boosting applications where a bladder tank is not conducive.

Prefer a video explanation? Click here to hear our product expert explain a little more about this new product.

Success Story: Zero Extinctions, One Pump at a Time

The Turtle Survival Alliance had a challenge, and Franklin Electric’s Little Giant® brand is providing the solution. Franklin donated 13 Little Giant brand pumps, including the Little Little Giant Web Story PhotoGiant 6EC Sump Pump, to help safely provide a stress-free environment for the turtles. Previous pumps did not adequately transfer large volumes of water to the cooling system in the greenhouse, so the Little Giant 6EC Sump Pump was shipped next day to the facility. It was quickly back up and running properly, providing cool air for the turtles and vegetation inside the greenhouse to simulate their natural habitat.

Click here to read Pond Trade magazine’s full coverage of the story.

New Video – New Inline Controls Coming Soon

Roughly, 85% of the cleanwater pumping systems that we sell, and our contractors install, are run on a basic switch and bladder tank that come on and off with a pressure differential. Many of these pumping systems, unfortunately, underperform every day. This doesn’t have to be the case. With Franklin Electric’s new* Inline Controls product family, which are fully compatible with Little Giant® brand pumps, maximizing the output and flow of the pumping system can be a simple reality. Our own Jeff Frank talks about about how contractors can meet peak pumping demand and provide the proper system protection by choosing the right control device.

Watch the Video.

*Note: Inline Controls scheduled launch date is August/September 2017.

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Contractor Time Saver: VCMX-20 Series of Condensate Pumps Still Simplifying the Install & Serviceability Process

The Little Giant® VCMX-20 Series of Condensate Pumps continues to prove its value to Little Giant VCMX Installation Photocontractors with the automatic collection and removal of condensate from air conditioning, refrigeration, and dehumidification equipment when gravity drainage is not possible or practical. Here’s what one of our loyal customers recently said when asked about Little Giant and the VCMX.

“I back up everything that I do. I put it in writing. If the customer feels happy and secure about what I want to do, and I use the right products, then everybody is happy. I do not want to come back to the house. If I am installing a new system and I have to come back a month later I don't look good and my product doesn't look good. The best part about Little Giant products is that I don’t have problems; I don’t have repeat calls. So, with no repeat calls is a happy customer.” - Brian Heyman, Absolute Control HVAC Corp.

What makes the VCMX-20 Series unique is that it is designed to be the easiest condensate pump on the market to install, service, and/or replace – thus allowingLittle Giant VCMX Condensate Pump 2 contractors to quickly install the pump and get on to other jobs. Contractor- and application-friendly features include:

  • Its slim 4.8-inch by 10.2-inch by 6.5-inch footprint allows for installation flexibility in tight areas
  • A unique mounting bracket slips onto the pump for easy mounting and removal
  • A 1/4-turn check valve allows for servicing without the removal of tubing to eliminate water spills
  • An external overflow switch automatically detects high water levels
  • An external test lever allows for quick testing of the pump so the contractor can be sure it’s ready to work properly, and it provides the ability to easily drain the tank when needed
  • Rubber feet to absorb vibration and reduce noise on hard surfaces
  • During a direct replacement utilizing a VCMX-20 Series, zero tools are needed for installation, making the replacement process even faster

The VCMX-20 Series has a pumping performance of up to 84 gallons per hour and is offered in both 115 V, 60 Hz and 230 V, 50/60 Hz models. An optional anti-sweat sleeve is available for applications where high humidity causes condensation on the outside of the tank. In addition to normal condensate applications, the unit is suitable for high efficiency oil and gas-fired condensing furnaces and condensing boiler equipment.

For more information about the VCMX-20 Series, click here.

New Video: Little Giant Pumps Helping Prevent Turtle Extinctions

What an amazing cause! Franklin Electric recently partnered with the Turtle Survival Alliance Little Giant Web Turtle Video Photo(TSA) – a nonprofit organization focused on achieving zero turtle extinctions – to improve the habitat for some of the most endangered turtles in the world.

Click here to see an awesome video covering our partnership!

Why is this Important?
Turtles have been roaming the water and earth for nearly 220 million years, making them one of the oldest species and one of the few to outmatch the dinosaurs in existence duration. They are essential to our ecosystem, helping clean up the environment by serving as aquatic scavengers. And yet, more than 50 percent of the 330 species alive today are threatened with endangerment. The TSA’s South Carolina location, known as the Turtle Survival Center, houses nearly 650 freshwater turtles and tortoises, including 21 of the world’s 25 most critically endangered species. Franklin Electric recently donated 13 Little Giant® brand pumps to help create more stress-free environments that simulate the original habitat for these endangered species. This includes the Little Giant 6EC Sump Pump that is now keeping a greenhouse containment area cool and ideal for the turtles. Check out the video to see the impact our pumps are making on a global scale.


New President: Don Kenney Appointed New Leader of North America Water Systems

Don Kenney Franklin ElectricFranklin Electric has appointed Donald P. Kenney as President, North America Water Systems. In this role, Kenney will be responsible for all aspects of the North America Water Systems business that supports the sale of Franklin Electric products – including the Little Giant® brand – to customers in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Kenney was hired as FE Petro employee number five in 1991. Over the years, he has assumed increasing levels of responsibility, becoming President of FE Petro in 2001, and then President of Franklin Fueling Systems in 2005. In 2013, Kenney was appointed a Vice President of Franklin Electric Co., Inc. and promoted to President, Energy Systems.

New Video: Little Giant® Battery Backup Video Now Part of YouTube Library

The flooding season is just around the corner, meaning your sump pump will be pulling its weight to keep your home protected from flooding and ruining your valuables that you’ve worked so hard for. But, what happens when a bad storm comes through and knocks the Battery Backup System Photopower out? If you have a regular sump pump, your investment could be in jeopardy. The Little Giant® SPBS Series Battery Backup System is a perfect solution to keep your sump pump running until the power comes back on. Click here and watch our new Little Giant Battery Backup System video.

The Complete Little Giant Video Library

If you haven’t recently, check out our Little Giant YouTube page and see all the videos we have to offer:


Inline 400 Enhancements: Now Rated as NEMA 3R Outdoor System

Little Giant Inline 400 - Outdoor Rated -CutawayWe recently introduced two new upgrades to the Little Giant® Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System. Although these changes are small, with no effect to the overall performance or function of the product, we are excited about the positive impact and new application possibilities these changes will have for customers. Beginning immediately (products with a 16L date code/Serial Number prefix), the Little Giant Inline 400 will come standard with:

  • A clear protective rain cover: This durable poly-carbonate cover protects the control head when installed vertically outdoors. By adding this UV-resistant cover to the control head, a NEMA 3R rainproof rating is achieved in all vertical installations. Because this cover is clear, it can remain in place, yet still allow the owner to read the overall system status LED indicators. Using Velcro, the cover is held securely in place, but is quickly removed if any changes are required to the internal electronic control systems. Note: Horizontal installations will continue to be approved for INDOOR use only.
  • Standard 1.25-inch male NPT thread connection fittings: These new connections allow for hassle-free installations that are quick, strong, and leak free. 

For more information about the Little Giant Inline 400, click here.
To see our general Little Giant Inline 400 YouTube video, click here.

New Video: Little Giant Plumbing & HVAC Solutions (Part 2) Now On YouTube

Little Giant® solutions continued…In the second part of our quest to find out why the field has chosen Little Giant for more than 75 years, a variety of contractors and other Little Giant Ronnie Hill Youtube Graphic (1)customers explain what the brand means to them. Check out our new Little Giant Plumbing & HVAC Solutions (Part 2) video now available on YouTube to hear it in their own words.

To see the video, click here.

Stay Tuned: There are more videos to come in 2017, so check back periodically to see the latest on Little Giant!